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BY Francis Akhalbey, 11:00am March 18, 2022,

Mike Tyson’s cannabis brand launches weed edibles in the form of a bitten ear

The ear-shaped edibles are known as Mike Bites -- Left Photo: Tyson Ranch (Instagram) | Right Photo: ItsTyson20 (Twitter)

Mike Tyson’s cannabis brand recently launched marijuana edibles that are shaped in the form of a bitten ear. The conspicuous shape of the edibles comes almost 25 years after the retired boxing legend infamously bit the ears of Evander Holyfield during a WBA Heavyweight Championship fight. The bout became unofficially known as “The Bite Fight”.

Known as Mike Bites, the latest product was announced by the boxing legend’s Tyson 2.0 cannabis brand in a Twitter post on Tuesday. Photos of the ear-shaped Mike Bites show a missing chunk at the gummy’s top. The spot in question is where the 55-year-old bit off a portion of Holyfield’s cartilage, NBC News reported.

“Holy ears! They’re finally here! Go get your Mike Bites now,” Tyson’s cannabis brand tweeted.

The boxer also endorsed the product by responding to a Twitter post about the gummies. “These ears actually taste good!” he wrote.

Customers interested in the weed edibles can purchase them at dispensaries in California, Massachusetts and Nevada.

In 1997, Tyson made the news for all the wrong reasons after he bit a chunk of Holyfield’s ear as they faced off in a World Heavyweight match at the Madison Square Garden. The boxing legend was ultimately disqualified after he bit Holyfield’s ear for the second time during the bout. In the aftermath of the incident, Tyson was slapped with a $3 million fine. His boxing license was also revoked for 15 months.

The one-time opponents eventually buried the hatchet. During an appearance on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson in 2019, Holyfield said he had forgiven Tyson, NBC News reported. During the podcast, Tyson also floated the idea of producing an ear-shaped candy.

“You might be in business because we’re going to make some holy ears,” Tyson said. “Edible ears that got a bit taken out of them. Holy ears.”

And when former co-host Eben Britton passed a joke about the candies taking the shape of Holyfield’s ear, he replied saying, “Well, I could do that.”

It’s unknown if Holyfield will reap a “chunk” of the profits of Mike Bites.  

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