Mya Parker, the 15-year-old who has made $10,000 selling her digital art as NFTs

Abu Mubarik March 18, 2022
Photo credit : Mya Parker

A 15-year-old Louisiana girl has made $10,000 selling her digital art as non-fungible tokens or NFTs. According to The Advocate, Mya Parker took to selling her digital art as NFTs as a way of combining her interests in art and investing.

“I would never had the time to do all this before I got hurt,” said Mya, recalling the day she tore her ACL. “It’s allowed me to create a living. Well, not quite a living.”

Since third grade, Mya has balanced her interest in art and investment. She got interested in investment when she read a book about a girl who had stock in Coca-Cola. She was also fascinated by the fact that she could be a part-owner of the Coke Company. Her grandfather recently took her to buy gold and bought her stock in different companies as a present for doing well in school.

Mya would start rushing home from school every day to see how her shares did. “She’s been able to learn about the economy, learn about finance and it’s allowed her to use her gifts,” said Candace Temple, Mya’s mother.

Mya getting involved in NFTs has allowed her to make her own independent decisions at a very young age, Temple noted.

She has even gone the extra mile to support her daughter in her side hustle by buying her an iPad as a gift to allow her improve her art skills.

Mya has made about 100 NFTs in a variety of different styles, with some being priced as much as $140,000 on the NFT marketplace OpenSea, according to The Advocate.

“My art comes from two ways. Sometimes I have an experience and I create something from that experience,” said the 15-year-old. “And sometimes, I doodle when I’m bored.”

For young individuals who want to follow her path, Mya’s advice is: “It doesn’t matter what you are as long as your heart is good,” she said. “You’ll find out what you are good at.”

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