Mom makes history creating her own baby formula for daughter after allergic reaction to popular brand

Dollita Okine September 18, 2023
April Kelly, founder and CEO of Sure! created an innovative, plant-based infant formula alternative to redefine the way parents approach early childhood nutrition. Photo Credit: Black News

April Kelly, founder and CEO of Sure!, created an innovative, plant-based infant formula substitute to redefine parents’ approaches to early childhood nutrition. The mother of four owns the first-ever black female-owned infant formula startup.

According to Black News, her innovation stemmed from a personal struggle with postpartum depression which made it difficult for her to return to her budding corporate career after six short weeks of maternity leave.

Kelly decided to find a healthier alternative to conventional infant formulas for her infant daughter after a severe allergic reaction to a popular brand on the market. She researched and experimented, and worked closely with medical professionals, including her own trusted pediatrician and other food scientists until she came up with her plant-based infant milk alternative that would later become the foundation of her business.

In addition to her business, Kelly has collaborated with the non-profit organization ‘Beast Philanthropy’ to give back to her community by focusing on empowering families, promoting education, and improving access to resources within underserved communities.

She has committed to donate a portion of the first batch of her MVP product (a complete nutrition beverage for toddlers) to families in need, Black News said. Their collaboration aligns with Sure’s main vision to ensure that every child gets the nourishment they deserve.

“The journey from battling postpartum depression to creating a pioneering infant formula startup has been an incredible one. Our collaboration with Beast Philanthropy takes our mission a step further by giving us the opportunity to support our local families directly,” Kelly expressed, according to Black News.

“As a Black mom, I understand the unique challenges we face, and it’s a privilege to be in a position to make a difference,” she added.

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