‘My baby is real’ – People can’t get over this adorable baby mistaken for a doll

Dollita Okine November 10, 2023
Abigail Morrison and her child. Photo: TikTok

Abigail Morrison, a Jamaican mother living in New York City, recently focused her attention on individuals who mistake her baby for a doll and find it hard to accept that she is real.

Black News reports that anytime the mother posted pictures and videos of her stunning child on Instagram, some people would start saying that the child was just a doll.

In response to people who branded her kid fake, she took to TikTok, where she clarified the situation in a video. She said, “So they posted my baby on some pages and a lot of people were saying ‘why will you post a fake baby?’ And I will be under their comments and be like that’s actually my daughter.”

Offering more evidence to the skeptics, she proudly displayed her adorable, living child. Since then, the video has amassed over 2 million views and several comments praising her daughter’s beauty, as well as arguing how reasonable it was that people were mistaking her for a real-life doll.

“She is gorgeous! I can see how people think she’s not real she’s absolutely perfect,” one expressed.

“She truly looks like a real life doll. Unreal beauty” another one remarked.

One other person encouraged her, saying, “Haters will always exist. God just happened to bless you with a beautiful baby. A beautiful gift. Don’t worry about the world. Just love your baby.”


Still can’t believe people thought my baby was fake

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