Mysterious metallic spheres found in South Africa show early man was intelligent 2.8 billion years ago

Stephen Nartey November 03, 2022
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The origins of the metallic spheres remain a mystery to archaeologists and historians since they were unearthed in South Africa recently. Some archaeologists are of the view that the spheres are the handiwork of early men, but they discount this position on the basis that the formation of the metallic spheres requires more intelligence.

But, if the date of the scientific analysis is anything to go by, then whoever designed the grooved sphere dating back 2.8 billion years found in a mineral deposit must be extremely intelligent, according to

There is no evidence suggesting it is artificial either or went through metallic cutting to arrive at the spherical shape it was found in. The analysis of the elements and chemical composition of the metallic spheres point to a strong conclusion that they are of natural origin.

Former curator of the museum of Klerksdorp in South Africa Roelf Marx said the origins of the metallic spheres are one that lends to a lot of mystery. According to him, from a glance, it appears that it was made by some men, but, the intelligence that existed at that period in time raises questions about the ability of prehistoric men to come up with art as mysterious as the grooved spheres.

The spheres measure 0.5 to 10 cm in diameter and vary in shape. There are some that come in a flat shape, while others appear like carved discs. The scientists, after carrying out their analysis, indicated that the spheres contained hematite, wollastonite, pyrite and goethite.

The two types of spheres that were found are solid bluish metal with white spotted colors and the other has a spongy white substance within it. The grooved spheres come in red, dusky red to reddish brown colors. However, the researchers indicated that the colors influenced by the pyrite are yet to be determined.

What left the researchers in awe after cutting the spheres into two has to do with the parallel lines running through the structure. The spheres became a subject of archaeological research after South African miners found many of the metallic spheres during an excavation exercise.

To date, scientists at NASA have not been able to determine the origins of the spheres. The way it is shaped, researchers argue that holding everything constant, you will need zero gravity to carve such metallic spheres.

Researchers have dismissed arguments that the grooved spheres were a result of the evolution of some rocks and chemical mixtures. This comes on the back of volcanic eruptions some 2.8 billion years old in the area where the spheres were found. It is believed that volcanic ash might have mixed with clay and chemicals from the larvae to create the spheres.

In the past clay or volcanic ashes have changed in form and shape after this chemical interaction.  The literature on such deposits states that after volcanic ash is left in water for a period of time it turns into clay and later converts to pyrophyllite to form these deposits.

Some geologists contend strongly that the metallic spheres are a by-product of volcanic sediments over a period of 3 billion years ago.

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