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Need ideas for a fun bachelor party? Here are a few

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you hear “bachelor party” is “strippers.” But no! There’s more to it than women dancing, and if you’re planning on adding that to your itinerary on the eve of your big day or a friend’s, please kindly go back to the drawing board.

As the bachelor party marks the groom’s last day(s) of not being officially hitched, it is imperative the occasion leaves a lasting memory.

Just like the Hangover movie – but devoid of the crazy things Doug and his gang did, the event should serve as an emotional catalyst for the groom to look forward to spending the rest of his life with his wife-to-be.

With that being said, just in case you’re planning a bachelor party and you need some ideas to make it fun and interactive, here are a few below:

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Sports or other preferred activities/video games

Men love doing “men stuff” and that usually involves sports or video games. If you and your guys are into that, then you can explore that option. Be it football, soccer, basketball, bowling or golf, just to mention a few, these activities will help the entire squad de-stress and also bond.

If you guys aren’t fans of the aforementioned, you can organize other activities you’re most comfortable with.

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Road trip over the fastest means

Are you having the bachelor party out of town? If the answer is yes, then a road trip is just spot on! Cancel that flight and hit the road. A road trip will afford the groom and his friends time to interact, loosen up and catch on a few things while sightseeing.

If you guys are planning on sharing a few drinks on the trip, designate someone who doesn’t drink to drive or just hire van. Don’t drink and drive!

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Simple party

If the bachelor party is on the eve of the wedding, then it is advisable you keep it simple. In this case, a small party or get-together should work. Grab the grill, freeze some drinks, put on some good music, and you are good to go.

Keep in mind that timing and location are very crucial here. Make sure the venue is close to where you’re lodging (that is if you’re all together) and try as much as possible to not let the party go deep into the night so you guys can get enough rest for the big day.

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