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Ohio quadruplets graduate Yale together and are ready to take on the world

The Wade Quadruplets -- Nick, Zach, Nigel, and Aaron --were awarded financial packages to attend Yale University four years ago. Photo: NBC News/Wade family

The Ohio quadruplets, who made headlines in 2017 for gaining admission into 59 colleges and universities, are all Yale University graduates, practically at the same time. The “Quad Squad” share a unique bond and have learned to harness their individualism throughout their four years at the Ivy League school. Now, they say they are ever poised to thrive in their chosen career fields.

The Wade Quadruplets — Nick, Zach, Nigel, and Aaron –were awarded financial packages to attend Yale University four years ago.

The siblings, 22, spent most of their time at the university chasing their dreams. “It’s interesting because I think that the togetherness was very intangible,” Aaron told Today. “We studied different things and occupied different spaces on campus. We’re very different individuals.”

The four chose different majors, thus, they saw less of each other on campus. “In high school, we all knew the same people. So in a sense, that didn’t allow us to divert as much as we might’ve wanted to,” Nick told People. “But in college, because there are so many different types of people, and we had so many different diverse interests, I think we were able to carve our paths in our way.”

Aaron and Nigel had a “Psychology and Good life” class together. Even with that, the large number of about 2,000 students meant the class was broadcast into various lecture halls, so the possibility of sitting under one roof was not certain. This meant it could be weeks before they crossed each other’s path in their New Haven campus.

According to the New York Post, only three of the brothers have officially graduated. Nick graduated with a degree in political science, with a minor in Arabic; Nigel received his degree in molecular, cellular and developmental biology, and Zach had a double-major degree in chemical engineering and economics. Aaron, who double-majored in computer science and psychology, shared a “ceremonial” graduation ceremony with his brothers and will finally be exiting the school in December after he hands in his senior thesis.

Nigel will stay in New Haven doing research. Nick is heading to New York to work for Goldman Sachs while Zach is also headed to Goldman Sachs but in San Francisco.

Even though they are going in different directions, the siblings know they always have each other, and nothing can break their bond.

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