Paralyzed man saved from flaming car searched for Good Samaritan for days to say thank you 

Stephen Nartey September 07, 2023
Dennis Brown (right) was saved by Tammi Arrington. Photos: Facebook/FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth

A paralyzed Dallas man, who made an emotional appeal on national television in search of a Good Samaritan who saved his life when the rental car he was in caught fire, has finally had a chance to say thank you to his heroine. Dennis Brown was full of praise for Tammi Arrington, who risked her life to pull him out of the car on Sunday.

Arrington made sure that before the car was up in flames, Brown had been drawn to safety. In the heat of the chaos, the danger the Dallas man faced was oblivious to him and felt indifferent about not showing appreciation to Arrington for her heroic act.

His greatest dilemma was the starting point for his search for the Good Samaritan because he forgot to ask the name of Arrington during the life-threatening moment, according to the New York Post. In an interesting twist, Brown managed to reunite with Arrington on Wednesday morning after the harrowing incident that nearly claimed his life. The reunion occurred several days after a frantic search by the Dallas man, according to the New York Post.

Arrington, aged 42, explained that she happened to be at the right place at the right time when she noticed the car engulfed in flames. Her decision to skip a trip to Costco with a friend led to the life-saving intervention.

While in the friend’s apartment, Arrington noticed a car on fire and quickly rushed outside, initially assuming it was unoccupied. However, she noticed movement from the driver’s seat, realizing someone was inside. Without hesitation, Arrington approached the vehicle, opened the door, and urgently encouraged Brown to escape from the engulfing flames.

But, after Arrington urged him to exit the car, his paralysis made it impossible. She initially attempted to retrieve his wheelchair but realized time was of the essence. Despite her petite stature at 5 feet 3 inches, she managed to pull Brown out of the car and assemble his wheelchair afterward. Together, they moved to safety, a safe distance away from the blazing vehicle, until the local fire department arrived to extinguish the flames.

In the midst of the chaotic situation, Brown never learned Arrington’s name. Despite his loved ones going over to the apartment where she was staying to express their gratitude, they too missed the opportunity to learn her name. Regrettably, when Brown attempted to visit later, Arrington had already departed, leaving him unable to offer a proper thank you.

Brown, in an interview with Fox 4 after not meeting Arrington at home, expressed his desire to convey his gratitude to the unidentified Good Samaritan who had rescued him from a dangerous situation. He praised her for her heroic actions, emphasizing that she risked her own safety to save him, and he wanted to extend his heartfelt thanks.

Fortunately, Arrington’s friend came across the news story and informed her about it. Arrington then reached out to Fox 4, allowing the station to connect her with Brown. Their initial conversation was marked by laughter as they recognized each other, with Brown saying, “Tammi, this is Dennis, the guy in the wheelchair.”

One day, it is the hope of Brown to take Arrington out to dinner with his mother to express his heartfelt gratitude.

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