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Print Is Not Dead: Notable African Print Magazines To Check Out

By: Mazuba Kapwambe

With the rise of the internet and the power it has given to websites, and bloggers who cover everything from fashion to celebrities, more people are beginning to accept the idea that a revolution is in progress which is causing the death of print magazine readership, and in a few years, print magazines would become what CD’S became to music: dead and redundant.

While it is true that as a generation, we are users who demand news on the go and as soon as it becomes available,  print is not dead! There are many reasons why print, especially African magazines, will survive this recent new media phenomenon. 

Most African countries fall under the category of developing countries, and for the most part, only a small percentage of the population is able to afford and keep up with the technology. There are still many people who do not have quick or affordable internet access to spend time reading online fashion and celebrity blogs. For these people, the only way to stay on top of trends is through a credible magazine.

For this reason, African print Magazines are in high demand. There is an increasing global interest in Africa and Africans are seeing the value in telling their own stories through these print magazines.

Here are a few fabulous African magazines that are doing an outstanding job:

Print Is Not Dead: Notable African Print Magazines To Check Out


Arise Magazine

Founded by This Day media company, which is owned by Nigerian, Nduka Obaigbena, and headed by Helen Jennings as editor –in-chief, Arise magazine is arguably “The Vogue” of Africa.

Strong Points: Arise excels at visually capturing a unique and fresh side of Africa through exquisite themed shoots with top African models like Oluchi, Ataui Deng, Millen Magese, and more. They capture a wider audience by interviewing mainstream stars like Idris Elba, Niki Minaj, Common, and more. They also use both African designers and high end luxury lines to create afro-western looks.

Arise continues to make major contributions to the African fashion industry through initiatives such as funding the Arise Africa collection at New York Fashion Week, and the recent Arise Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos, Nigeria.

Print Is Not Dead: Notable African Print Magazines To Check Out


 New African Woman

NAW may cater to women slightly older than the target market of Fashizblack, but it delivers with thought provoking topics and discussions like a recent one on plastic surgery inspired by the death of a Nigerian –UK based dancer who wanted to enhance her career.

Strengths: NAW produces celebrity fashion spreads like the recent issue with Genevieve Nnaji, looks from Zed Eye, Jewel By Lisa and more. They are also big on Insightful and controversial topics affecting the African continent, like lesbianism in Africa, Female Genital Mutilation, and more.





Print Is Not Dead: Notable African Print Magazines To Check Out



FAB Magazine

Although only a little over a year old, FAB Magazine has become a staple on what is hot and new in African fashion, music, film and style. Headed by the husband and wife duo, Familusi Akin Babs and Sinem Bilen -Onabanjo, FAB is the voice for the new generation of African creatives.

Strengths: They provide themed issues such as the Music Issue and the Cool Issue, etc.They also have double covers for variety. They recognize new African creative’s like bloggers and stylists.They also enhance their brand value by sponsoring events like FAB night out.





Print Is Not Dead: Notable African Print Magazines To Check Out


 Pop Africana Magazine

Founded by photographer Oroma Elwa, Pop Africana can best be described as the African version of Nylon magazine meets Vogue. With a niche audience of afro-creatives in the Diaspora, Pop Africana presents visually stimulating content .

Strengths: The support of top magazines like Vogue (Oroma was featured in the March Issue), and Dazed and Confused keep the magazine fresh and exciting.








Other notable magazines include True Love Magazine which mostly caters to a southern African audience, Pride Magazine available in the UK, African Vibes Magazine, Ladybrille, Kasha Magazine, FabAfriq mag, and countless others who all have their niche and specialty but with a common goal of telling the African story in a refreshing way.

To watch out for, is the Face2face Africa Print Magazine, which will be the only magazine of its kinds dedicated to being the voice of the new and younger generation of Africans in the Diaspora. The first issue of the magazine is set to be released in the spring of 2012. Watch out!

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