Money Moves May 05, 2016 at 07:53 am

Take a Look at Africa’s Most Promising Economies

Charles Ayitey | Contributor

Charles Ayitey May 05, 2016 at 07:53 am

May 05, 2016 at 07:53 am | Money Moves


The measure of Africa’s economic status over the years has always been couched in doom and gloom, with the continent still regarded by most as not only a dark continent but also the poorest continent on Earth. If you have such a perspective, you may want to think again as the World Bank in its recent poverty rating index reveals that extreme poverty is on the decline across Africa.

Truth be told, Africa is home to many of the world’s fastest-growing economies, especially due to the continent’s oil- and mineral-rich soil and great human resources. In fact, Africa’s combined Gross Domestic Product in 2015 was $594.257 billion, due in no small measure to the richest African countries featured in this list. It must be noted that the ranking is based on each nation’s 2015 GDP per capita.


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