[Quiz] Test your knowledge of African countries and their nicknames

Nduta Waweru October 12, 2019

Welcome to Face2Face Africa quiz series that tests your knowledge of Africa and anything African. We ask ten questions based on themes ranging from politics, history, geography, culture, entertainment and many more.

Today, we are all about African countries and their nicknames. Brace yourself, no cheating, get your thinking cap on and test your knowledge of these monikers.


Poll Which African country is known as the Land of a Thousand Hills?


Poll What is the name of the African country known as the Warm Heart of Africa?


Poll This African country is fondly named the Gateway to Africa. What's its official name?


Poll Which East African country is known as the Pearl of Africa?


Poll What is the name of the African country referred to as the Land of the Upright People?


Poll This country is called the Kingdom in the Sky. What's its official name?


Poll One of Africa's island nations is called the Red Island. Which country is this?


Poll Over the years, this country has been called the Gift of the Nile. What is its official name?


Poll For its location in the desert, this country is nicknamed the Dead Heart of Africa. Which country is this?


Poll What is the official name of the country referred to as the Hinge of Africa?

Click here to see how you performed. Good Luck!


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