Record labels are now taking out life insurance policies on rappers, French Montana says. ‘That’s crazy’

Abu Mubarik July 22, 2022
Rapper French Montana in Uganda where he donated $100,000 to charity. Photo: Instagram

In the last few years, the music industry in America has seen a growing number of deaths among artists, with some occurring through street violence. Artists like Pop Smoke, King Von and Drakeo The Ruler were all killed on the street.

Some of these artists, prior to their demise, were signed on major record labels. While some of the record labels recouped the money they advanced to their artists, others were not able to recoup their invested capital before their demise.

As such, record labels have devised ways to recoup their invested capital after the demise of their artists. Some of these measures include releasing posthumous albums, selling their likeness for advertising, sync licenses, among others. Pop Smoke, King Von and Drakeo The Ruler all had their albums released posthumously to the public.

In a recent interview, French Montana accused record labels of encouraging street violence related to their artists and profiting from it. He told DJ Akademik’s Off the Record podcast that due to the heightened nature of the beef in the hip hop industry, labels are taking life insurance policies out on artists.

“But now it’s even crazier because they getting life insurance on artists. At least back then we ain’t have that,” French told Akademik, who said he had heard similar claims in the past, according to TMZ. Akademik further suggested to French that the labels are only being “realistic.” 

French replied, saying that it is both “realistic” and “disturbing.” He continued: “You preying on his death. You preying on making millions on his death. They’re being realistic and you know, you’re supposed to have life insurance anyway, but when the label does it if you don’t have one, that’s crazy, you know?”

French further noted that the rap game has become more dangerous than it was in the past, and attributed the development to social media, saying the medium has escalated the beef. He warned that “One day a full war [can] go on.”

French also addressed claims that he is beefing J. Cole and Diddy. He shrugged off the rumor and that of Drake.

“I don’t think none of that ever happened,” French said of the 6 God’s alleged scuffle with the Bad Boys founder. “Nah, I don’t think so. I think it was probably over a song or something, but I never really got into it. ’Cause you know they’re both like my best friends.

“People be expecting me to pick a side, right? And I lose a lot of friends like that. So if I’m cool with you and I’m cool with him and y’all beef, then I’ll still say what’s up to both of y’all cause I met both of y’all at the same time. How am I wrong for that?”

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