by Francis Akhalbey, at 10:30 am, August 09, 2018, Entertainment

Rib-cracking Bernie Mac moments to celebrate his legacy [Videos]

Bernie Mac

You can definitely not mention comedy pioneers in the United States without sliding in Bernie Mac’s name. One of the best in his time, the legendary and iconic African-American comedian and actor sadly passed away on this day in 2008, aged just 50.

Throughout his very successful career, he constantly blessed us with memorable stand-up comedy shows that had us laughing so hard whilst tearing up and trying to catch our breath, extremely funny movies that still get us cracking up till date as well as popular shows (The Bernie Mac Show in particular) which we were always anxiously looking forward to watching.

To celebrate his career and legacy, Face2Face Africa shares with you some of his funniest moments on camera. Enjoy!

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