‘She never told me to stop’ – Dani Alves mounts strong defense at sexual assault trial

Stephen Nartey February 09, 2024
Dani Alves/Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Brazilian football icon Dani Alves has refuted allegations of sexual assault at a Barcelona nightclub, claiming she “never told me to stop” and that he’s “not that kind of man.” According to him, the encounter was consensual and maintained that the woman involved did not communicate any objections.

Following two days of testimonies from the accuser, witnesses, and experts, Alves insisted on his stance in a Spanish court on Wednesday. The accuser claimed that Alves, who is renowned for the many titles he won while playing with the world’s biggest football clubs during his days as an active player, assaulted her in a nightclub bathroom on December 31, 2022, according to Daily Mail.

In response to his defense lawyer’s question about forcing sexual relations, Alves stated, “I am not that type of man; I am not a violent man.”

The alleged victim recounted to state prosecutors that she danced with Alves and voluntarily entered the bathroom, but later, when she wished to leave, he prevented her. She further claimed that the football star slapped her, insulted her, and coerced her into sexual relations against her will.

He argued that the encounter was consensual, stating, “She never told me to stop. We were both enjoying ourselves.”

According to him, the woman never expressed a desire to leave or showed any reluctance to engage in sexual activity. Alves also denied allegations of slapping or insulting her.

State prosecutors are pushing for a nine-year prison term for Alves if found guilty, while the legal team representing his accuser is advocating for a 12-year sentence.

In their defense, Alves’ legal team requested either an acquittal or, if found guilty, a one-year sentence along with 50,000 euros ($54,000) in compensation for the victim. The trial, which spanned three days, concluded on Wednesday, with the verdict expected to be delivered in the following weeks.

During the trial, the 40-year-old Alves appeared in court wearing a long-sleeved white sweater, dark trousers, and glasses, escorted in handcuffs. His mother remained present throughout the trial, while his ex-wife, who testified on Tuesday, noted that Alves returned home “smelling of alcohol” after the alleged incident, though they have since separated.

The accuser of Alves testified behind closed doors on Monday, as ordered by the court, with state prosecutors urging extra measures to safeguard her identity following a video that purportedly identified her circulating on social media. A friend and cousin of the alleged victim testified before the three-judge panel, stating that upon leaving the bathroom, she appeared distressed and informed them that Alves had “hurt her badly.”

Police officers who attended to the alleged victim testified that she was visibly shaken and disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted by Alves. They further explained that the accuser initially harbored fears that she wouldn’t be believed before formally accusing Alves.

During the trial, a police officer revealed that the woman expressed her desire for justice, stating, “I don’t want money, I want justice.”

A friend of Alves, who was present with him at the nightclub, testified that he observed a positive rapport between Alves and the woman before they entered the bathroom, and he didn’t notice any distress in the woman afterward.

The friend mentioned that Alves consumed wine and whiskey before heading to the club. Alves’ defense team requested the court to consider his intoxicated state as a mitigating factor for a potential reduced sentence if found guilty.

A forensic psychologist who evaluated the woman testified that she displayed symptoms of post-traumatic stress, a conclusion disputed by an outside expert brought in by the defense.

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