She quit her six-figure job to talk about sex

Abu Mubarik July 28, 2022
Gila Shlomi, known as WeezyWTF, quit her job in the City once she started earning a stable income from her podcast.

Gila “WeezyWTF” Shlomi grew up in a family where she didn’t have the best sex education. According to her, she and her siblings were taught the basics like “don’t get pregnant, Jesus and menstruation.” It all changed when her mother caught her watching porn in her room, triggering a long conversation about pleasure and sex with her mom.

“All the hard stuff, the real conversations about sex and the power it can have, came from my mother. I remember the day my mom caught me watching porn in my room,” she noted on Newsweek. “I expected my mom would shout at me and I would be grounded, but the next day we had a long conversation about pleasure, why it is okay for me to explore my own body—and the importance of locking my door.”

Shlomi would later find herself in New York City in her early twenties after securing a telecommunication sales job. She was the youngest person in her office and also without a college degree but she was outselling all the old Wall Street guys.

Shlomi was on a six-figure salary but resigned from her job after two years to launch a podcast about sex called WHOREible Decisions.

“When I moved to New York at 25, I was living life in the fast lane, making great money in my job in telecommunication sales, all the while exploring my sexuality. Tinder was buzzing and, whether it was with a man or a woman, I always had a crazy story to tell my coworkers the next morning,” she said on Newsweek. 

It later dawned on Shlomi that she was living a different life from those around her when she told her colleagues about her first BDSM experience. “Everyone in the office that day thought I was lying; they couldn’t believe little, old Gila from the Corporate Sales department could be doing such things,” he recalled

“A few nights later, I went for cocktails with an old friend from Florida and, after dishing the dirty details of our New York escapades, we realized we had similarly open attitudes to sex.” That night, her podcast was born.

Shlomi now finds herself discussing a taboo subject which is virtually unheard of in the black community. However, at the core of her podcast is about empowerment

“My co-host and I were both Black corporate women who were professionals yet still wanted to discuss our sexual desires, be it kinky or vanilla. We’ve since interviewed other people on the show, too—such as the woman who allows her boyfriend to sleep with other men, or the shoe salesman who has a foot fetish,” she noted.

According to her, she wanted people to hear sex and sexuality stories because they are real things happening to real people. The podcast is already enjoying massive success, drawing hundreds of thousands of listeners owing to the topics she discusses.

At the present, she makes her old annual salary in three months. What is more, she now gets DMs from actors, even Emmy winners, about just getting access to her live show. Joey (formerly Jill) Solloway even bought out a section of her show.

According to Shlomi, since launching her podcast, she has gone on to work in podcast production and opened her own studio, WTFMedia, with her business partner Alexxmedia. Shlomi also hosts a television series about the business of selling sex.

Last Edited by:Francis Akhalbey Updated: July 28, 2022


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