Six of the most unique celebrity names and their meanings

Ama Nunoo October 01, 2020
Daai Guirra Photo: LA Times

In life, we get to choose a lot of things, but we don’t get to choose our own names at birth although we are at liberty to change our names later largely through legal means. Names have meanings and carry a lot of sentiments. That is why parents carefully choose a name for their wards.

Names are a part of a person’s identity and many of our forefathers lost their identities when they were shipped into slavery to Europe, the Caribbean, and the Americas. They were forcefully stripped of their traditional names and given “westernized” ones by their white owners.

Traditional names across the length and breadth of Africa will forever remain a unique pride. In fact, a person’s name plays a significant role in the identification of where in the continent they come from, the day they were born, and even goes further to predict what the said person’s future may look like.

Many of your favorite African-American celebrities are identifying more to their African origins while some are still striving to trace their roots back to Africa through technologically advanced ways such as DNA tests.

Here are the meanings of the names of some of your favorite celebrities.

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