South Sudanese model Duckie Thot says she’s tired of being compared to Kendall Jenner

Francis Akhalbey June 11, 2021
South Sudanese model Duckie Thot said she's tired of being comapred to Kendall Jenner -- Left Photo via @duckiethot on Twitter | Right Photo via @kendalljenner on Instagram

Australian-South Sudanese supermodel Duckie Thot says she has had enough of being compared to Kendall Jenner and she recently made her feelings known on social media.

The 25-year-old said she is over being compared to the Kardashians’ step-sister after some fans who passed compliments on a photo she posted on Twitter on Tuesday reiterated she looked like the White model and socialite.

“Duckie Thot and Kendall Jenner look so alike!!” a fan wrote, Metro reported. Another fan also concurred, saying: “I see a lil bit of ken*all here or am i tripping.” The Australian-born model, however, made it known she wasn’t feeling those comparisons when she replied to another user who called her the “Black Kendal [sic] Jenner.”

“Lol y’all need to let this comparison go,” Thot responded. Following her reply, a section of her fans also sided with her sentiments. Some users labeled the comparison as “disrespectful” and asked why it can’t rather be the opposite. “Do y’all ever go to Kendall Jenner’s pictures and say the white Duckie Thot?” a user asked.

Another user tweeted: “Why can’t it be the other way round?”

Another also weighed in and said: “i can’t even imagine how insulting it must be to be Duckie Thot and have people say you’re the black Kendall Jenner????”

A user also likened the comparisons to colorism, tweeting: “If ur one of the people saying Duckie thot is the black Kendall Jenner ur basically insinuating that white skin is the blueprint for beauty and that is beyond disrespectful in any form.”

Take a look at more reactions below:

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