Spice Up Your Style With Fall Layers

Senami Atinkpahoun January 19, 2012

Fall is one of my favorite seasons when it comes to fashion. I mean, of course it gets cold and windy but it’s the best season for layers. Not only does layering keep you warm but it can also be very fashionable; and what suave man doesn’t want to do both. Lets have a look at how to "layer-up" correctly!

  • The Undershirt- Long-sleeved undershirts are the best for the current weather. You’re basically guaranteed some type of warmth no matter what you wear on top. You can have fun with your undershirt because it is not visible, however if you want it to be, you might want to show a little hint of color or stripes.
  • The Button Up– I have a secret obsession with button ups. They are one of the best clothing items for a guy because there are so many types of button ups out there. It doesn’t matter if your style is totally urban or more on the sophisticated side. You can go solid, floral, striped, denim, or even plaid. Button ups are made with all types of materials from cotton to flannel. They’re also perfect because you can dress up a button up with a tie or my favorite, a bow tie.

  • The Sweater– We’re getting warmer… A quality sweater that fits properly is one of the most complimentary garments a man can wear.  It adds weight to a skinny physique and streamlines a large figure. Functionally, it keeps you warm while fashion wise, it adds a unique stylish element. Sweaters come in different fits, which varies depending on the brand. A size large in one sweater will not fit the same as a large in another. Some of my preferred sweaters include men’s Aran, Nordic, Polo and cardigan sweaters. Cardigans compliment men of all ages, whether worn over a dress shirt, layered under a sport jacket, or matched with a suit.  They are simple to remove and put back on, and are the only sweater type to incorporate a pocket.

  • The Jacket– Jean jackets, sports coats, and trench coats are my top picks for the fall.  When it comes to a sports coat or blazer, tweed is the best way to go. It’s warm, and gives off a vintage look. Jean jackets are a bit more urban but you can also go preppy or vintage with it. Trench coats are my all time favorites because every woman loves a man who can pull off a trench coat.
  • Top It All Off– Here comes the fun part. ACCESSORIES! Scarves, hats, and gloves are essential to the fall/winter season but one thing about a suave man is that he turns functionality into style. Beanies and trapper hats are my picks for hats. Knit is the best way to go as far as scarves go and fingerless gloves are the most practical for you tech savvy men with touch screen phones and iPads.

Watch out for upcoming articles as I go in depth about these categories. I’ll tell you where to shop, what to get and also unique ways to layer up this season




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