T-Pain and his wife involved in hit-and-run incident in Atlanta

Francis Akhalbey April 24, 2024
T-Pain and his wife were involved in a hit-and-run incident -- Left photo credit: Eva Rinaldi | Right photo via FOX 5 Atlanta

T-Pain as well as his wife and employees were left stranded on an Atlanta road after they became victims of a hit-and-run incident on Monday, FOX 5 Atlanta reported. The rapper and singer, whose real name is Faheem Rashad Najm, took to Instagram to share details about the incident and call out the motorist who allegedly struck their vehicle before driving away.

“Whoever just f—— ran into the back of my g—d—- truck and whoever just f—— hit me and my wife, my road manager, my driver — whoever just did that s–- and drove the f–- off … life’s about to get so much worse,” the 39-year-old, who shared the video from the accident scene, said.

The Buy U a Drank singer also made mention of items the alleged hit-and-run driver left behind at the crash scene. He said they included the driver’s car grill as well as several baby toys. 

“We know what we’re looking for now,” the entertainer said. “I know times is hard … but s— is going too great for me to not make me want revenge right now because you drove the f— off.”

Despite being left stranded, T-Pain said he was glad to be alive. He also said they were driving from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and nearly a mile away from home when their car was struck. He said the vehicle in question was a “2003-2007 silver Chevy SUV that probably looks like they hit something super hard and missing the grill.”

The I’m Sprung singer also said he was unharmed, though responding medics “hauled off” his driver. “Ppl that are saying my neck and back gonna hurt tomorrow are really underestimating how much my neck and back was already hurting from just being old,” he said on a lighter note.

Meanwhile, the Roswell Police Department said they have arrested a suspect in connection with the hit-and-run incident, FOX 5 Atlanta reported. Authorities located the vehicle in a neighborhood close to Brook Valley Drive and Oak Knoll Way after using Flock cameras. That was after they were given details about the vehicle in question.

Eleven full beer bottles as well as an empty bottle were found in the vehicle. Authorities also found a passport and many receipts inside the vehicle. They ultimately linked Rene Galvan to the vehicle after they reviewed that information. 

Galvan after he was located told officers he had consumed several beers and was in possession of the car keys. Police also said he was reeking of alcohol and had urinated on himself, per FOX 5 Atlanta.

Galvan was later taken to the hospital for examination after he was arrested. He was subsequently booked into jail after medics cleared him.

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