Mother furious after restaurant served kids alcohol by mistake

Dollita Okine August 02, 2023
Shot glasses. Image via wikimedia commons/Kelly Martin

Souljah Perdue went to an Atlanta Sugar Factory to celebrate her 11-year-old daughter’s birthday. When they requested alcoholic shots for the adults and juice for the children, the entire party received alcoholic shots, Perdue said.

She told WSBTV, “I couldn’t believe it. It’s something I never heard of. So I was really just like ‘How could they make this mistake?'”

The mother could be heard urging everyone at the birthday party in a video recording, “Let me see the shots. Put them all up.” However, the children’s reactions soon revealed that there was more in their glasses than just juice.

Since the adults ordered alcohol she wasn’t bothered at first, but according to her, she began to look about. She looked at her daughter and noticed the other children. “They’re making noises and faces like, ‘Eww, I think it has liquor in it,'” she explained.

Perdue alerted the manager to the dangerous mix-up and taped a conversation with a staff who admitted to serving the table shots laced with coconut rum.

“There was pineapple juice and coconut rum. It’s a.5 of coconut rum. I accept full responsibility. Nothing should have come out of my bar that I’m aware of. And it should have not been made,” the employee could be heard explaining.

The mother contacted WSBTV to alert the public to the matter because officials at Sugar Factory’s corporate office have not responded to her attempts to reach them after they assured her that she would hear from them.

“They’re still not answering no calls. They’re acting like nothing happened,” she said.

An email a WSBTV reporter received from a spokesman said, “At this time, we’re actively researching this feedback.” This was after repeated attempts by the WSBTV reporter to contact the business.

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