Teacher’s aide accused of choking and injuring 5-year-old student

Mother of a 5 year old student wants a teacher’s aide to be jailed after she allegedly choked and injured her son at school. 

In an interview with FOX 26, Denise Sonnier said her son Cameron returned home from school to tell her that the teacher’s aide choked him. Sonnier said the minor had a mark on his neck, adding that a school nurse called her on September 2 to inform her about her son’s injury.

Sonnier said she intends to withdraw Cameron and his twin sister from the Beatrice Mayes Institute in Houston.

“She [the school nurse] said Cameron had a scratch on his neck, and she was going to clean it up because the skin had been broken; it was like a nail print, like a rounding of a nail,” Sonnier said. 

Cameron said the teacher’s aide refused to grant him permission to use the bathroom. “He said he didn’t want to pee on himself, and he ran out of the classroom to use the restroom, and that’s how she ended up coming into the restroom and choking him,” Sonnier said.

The day before the teacher’s aide allegedly choked Cameron, Sonnier said her son returned home from school to tell her that the same teacher had grabbed him by his ear. 

“He actually had sores and scratches behind his ear,” Sonnier said, adding that she was able to establish the teacher’s aide was the person who had injured her son after she pieced a few things together. 

“He had been coming home saying, that teacher, that teacher,” Sonnier, who filed a police report in the aftermath of the separate incidents, said.

Responding to the incident, the superintendent at Beatrice Mayes Institute said the teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

“Thank you for reaching out to us on this matter. Yes, we are aware of this parent’s allegations against our school employee. Because this is a student matter, I am bound by law not to reveal any confidential information about the student or the specific details at this time,” the superintendent said.

“However, I can share that I am meeting with the student’s parents tomorrow morning. I will also meet with the school employee, who is on paid administrative leave until this matter is resolved. I will be seeking to confirm that our student discipline and school safety policies were implemented correctly. Subsequently, I will appropriate any action necessary for the well-being of the child and of the School.”

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