The AkwantuPa Policy – helping Ghanaians in the Diaspora to ease the stress of funeral financing back home

Bobby Oliseh October 28, 2019

Ghanaian families place a lot of value on the principles of caring and respect for one another. Thus, a lot of resources are spent on organizing befitting and dignified burial ceremonies for our loved ones upon their demise or death.

Over the years, most Ghanaians in the diaspora have struggled with the financial burden of burying their loved ones back home and more often than not have to fall back on savings set up for projects, education, and other life needs or take on extra work in order to raise funds.

Having introduced the sale of funeral insurance in Ghana and the first-ever alternate premium payment platform, Enterprise Life, the leading life insurer in Ghana recently extended its need-based life insurance solutions to the Ghanaian community living and working abroad with the introduction of the AkwantuPa Policy.

Enterprise Life is currently jointly owned by the Enterprise Group, a publicly listed company on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) and Leapfrog Strategic African Investments (LSAI). LSAI is jointly owned by Leap Frog investments and Prudential Financial Inc. of America (PFI).

The AkwantuPa Policy is designed to ensure that the financial responsibility of the Ghanaian living abroad towards the final funeral rites of a loved one in Ghana is easy and stress-free. The Policy pays out a lump sum cash benefit upon the demise of covered family members who live in Ghana.

The AkwantuPa policy only covers immediate family member(s) living in Ghana, such as parents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Furthermore, the policy also provides an optional repatriation cover for the policyholder and their family members who live abroad and this has been embraced by clients.

This optional benefit pays the cost of transporting the mortal remains of policyholders or their family members abroad, back to Ghana for burial upon their demise.

Also worth noting is the fact that the lump sum benefit on any other family member who lives in Ghana can be converted to the Repatriation benefit in the event where the family member passes away abroad.

The policy can cover a maximum of four (4) family members. However, if you cover yourself for repatriation, you can only add three (3) more members.

With a wide range of policy benefits, policy holders have the options to choose from the modest to the lavish, by way of instant cash payouts ranging from GHC 10,000 to GHC 50,000 or a full range of funeral services from Transitions – a reputable and ultra-modern funeral home in Ghana.

Accordingly, the lump sum benefit for family members who live in Ghana can be used to purchase funeral services from Transitions.

Essentially, the product allows the policyholder to determine the level of cover desired. This makes it easy to know how much burial cover is available, as well as, how much it will cost whiles offering flexibility in premium payments.

The AkwantuPa Policy has “widened and deepened insurance coverage by providing funeral solutions to people who hitherto would have been excluded, due to the general but sometimes very restrictive limitations insurance companies place on their Life Insurance products.” This funeral solution can be purchased via

Enterprise Life has over the years introduced life-changing products based on the changing lifestyles of the average Ghanaian family and these include the Enterprise Living Plus Plan and the Executive Plus Plan, both products targeted towards its high-end clientele offering limitless cover options for prospective customers and the first of its kind Funeral Finance Plan Unlimited with innovative features such as the life swap and premium holiday.

With technology being at the heart of the company’s operations, Enterprise Life out-doored a visa enabled loyalty card – The Advantage Card, which aids policyholders to access their claim benefits and enjoy loyalty discounts at some selected outlets.

To improve operations and our service delivery to our policyholders, an interactive USSD platform and a mobile app (Advantage App, available on Google Play Store and Apple Store) that enables clients of Enterprise Life to access personal details on their policies via their mobiles phones, as well as, the LiveChat Platform, where policy holders can interact with customer service representatives and receive feedback in real time were introduced.

Enterprise Life has indeed lived up to its philosophy of ensuring that “The customer is at the center of the business.” “Thus, ensuring that all its clients and Ghanaians in general, have absolute control over what and how they want their insurance products to be”.

For more information visit or call these numbers: 001 914 6841133 / 001 917 8553899

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: October 28, 2019


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