The Black women activists who refused to give up their seats during the Civil Rights Movement in America

Ben Ebuka March 09, 2023
Left photo credit: United States Army | Right photo credit: Learning for Justice

During the darker days of the racial struggles in America, many heroes stood firm in the fight for equal rights for all races, even at the risk of losing their freedom and lives. While Rosa Parks stood out prominently for her civil disobedience on a crowded Montgomery City bus, a few other Black women before Parks used the same civil disobedience in public buses to push their demands for equal rights for the Black community.

The actions of these women occurred mostly in the same year, but at different times, in what seems like calculated actions. Many people are oblivious that Park started her civil rights work long before the bus sitting saga. Talks had begun a long time within Montgomery, Alabama, among the Black community on boycotting the buses. Besides Parks, these Black women refused to give up their seats:

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