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The Jamaican-born innovator who turned experience with diabetes into big business

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Here is what he discovered. He could be diabetic and still enjoy tasty foods. That’s how Jamaica-born Matthew Hood birthed U.S.-based Company Tasty Diabetic Meals, after his traumatic experience with type one diabetes.

Diabetes was a condition many members of his family were struggling with. He only learned about his condition when he was rushed to the hospital while playing football as a high school student.

The realization for the 19-year-old was not only overwhelming but life-changing as he recounted in media reports how it transformed his diet, lifestyle and self-worth. In these low moments, Hood said he had to try different varieties of food to determine which ones worked for him and those that impacted him negatively.

Tasty Diabetic Meals is therefore a creation of his journey with winning his personal battles with diabetes and reducing his blood sugar level even lower compared to persons without diabetes. According to him, his first hurdle was dealing with the psychological trauma of knowing he could die at an early age because of his condition.

Hood said he spent more time worrying over his blood-sugar levels and what could be done to keep them stable. Though uninspiring initially, he indicated that, he refused to give up hope.

The resilience and tenacity to ensure that he increases his life expectancy was the evolution of the business idea, he added.

The Director of Technology of Tasty Diabetic Meals said he struggled initially in this personal fight but he got better with the passing of each day to improve his lifestyle and diet.

“I learnt I can achieve any feat I set for myself. One only needs to figure out how to adapt to the challenges facing them,” he added.

He said while some people allowed the horror of diabetes to snuff out their life, that dark space strengthened his resolve to ensure the company becomes a success story.

Tasty Diabetic Meals, since its inception in 2021, has sought to provide diabetic patients with healthy and tasty foods that will give them the nourishment they crave but lower their blood sugar levels too.

The meals are sold on a marketing platform. According to Hood, they provide personal guidance and counselling to patrons of their foods.

He said diabetic patients must be afforded information on their nutrition and what they can do to stay healthy.

“Tasty Diabetic Meals also provide it patrons with ingredients including pancakes, brownies, maple syrup to improve their diet,” he explained.

He said the feedback on the meals they provide as well as their services has been enormous.

“This feedback will enable us to roll out new meals to meet the specification of our clientele. We intend including liquids and solid food to food menu,” he added.

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