The real meaning behind the powerful Nike ad everybody is talking about

Francis Akhalbey September 06, 2018
Colin Kaepernick, the face of Nike's 'Just Do It' 30th Anniversary campaign

When Colin Kaepernick was unveiled as the face of Nike’s ‘Just Do it’ 30th Anniversary campaign, it was widely expected some feathers were going to be ruffled.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who has been sponsored by Nike since 2011, has been without a National Football League (NFL) team since 2016 after he started kneeling during the national anthem to raise awareness about police brutality against blacks and other racial injustices. This was regarded as disrespect by conservatives including the president Donald Trump, who re-emphasized his stance by expressing his displeasure with Nike in a tweet on Wednesday.

Despite boycott threats and backlash, Nike is rightfully and justifiably not backing down. On Wednesday, the American sportswear brand released a video ad ironically set to be shown on air during the NFL’s regular season game opener between Atlanta Falcons and defending champions Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night on NBC, according to CNN.

The video, which is all sorts of powerful and inspirational is voiced by none other than Kaepernick. It also features Kenyan long-distance runner Eliud Kipchoge, NBA superstar Lebron James, tennis great Serena Williams, NFL star Odell Beckham Jr., one-handed NFL linebacker Shaquem Griffin, among others.

Below is a transcript of the powerful and inspiring ad in case you missed it.

If people say your dreams are crazy…If they laugh at what they think you can do…good….stay that way.

Because what non-believers fail to understand is that calling a dream crazy is not an insult, it’s a compliment.

Don’t try to be the fastest runner in your school or the fastest runner in the world. Be the fastest ever.

Don’t picture yourself wearing OBJ’s jersey. Picture OBJ wearing yours.

Don’t settle for homecoming queen or linebacker. Do both.

Lose 120 pounds and become an Ironman…after beating a brain tumour.

Don’t believe you have to be like anybody…to be somebody.

If you’re born a refugee. Don’t let it stop you from playing soccer…for the national team…at age 16.

Don’t become the best basketball player on the planet. Be bigger than basketball.

Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.

When they talk about the greatest team in the history of the sport, make sure it’s your team.

If you have only one hand, don’t just watch football…play it at the highest level.

And if you’re a girl from Compton, don’t just become a tennis player. Become the greatest athlete ever. Yeah, that’s more like it.

So don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if you’re crazy enough.

Watch the video below:

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