The success story of the youngest, Black female luxury shoe designer who is just 31

Abu Mubarik August 17, 2021
The youngest Black female luxury shoe designer. Photo: Ganesia Wveighlin

At 31, Ganesia Wveighlin is making waves in the fashion industry. She is the youngest, Black female luxury shoe designer ranked among some of the well-known luxury brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga. She is the founder of the shoe brand CaesarWalks, a firm she established in 2017, and is still the sole owner. 

Although Wveighlin has always had an interest in shoes, she got inspired into making shoes after a read from a controversial Italian Historian of Julius Caesar’s heritage and a collision of her love for fashion, she told Sheen Magazine. She was also inspired by her desire to venture into the male-dominated footwear industry in order to inspire other women.

Wveighlin initially wanted to pursue a career in modeling and singing when she was 16. Although her parents were not in support of the idea, it did not kill her interest in fashion and she continued to keep the dream alive while pursuing higher education. Wveighlin obtained a degree in economics at Clark Atlanta University.

Wveighlin launched CaesarWalks with the Saint Plousious loafer collection. According to her, she started with Saint Plousious because he was said to be one of the first Black Roman Saints who often adorned the finest fabrics. Indeed, the Saint Plousious loafer collection is customized with a handmade Italian velour fabric loafer paired with an exquisite red silk insole.

She told Sheen Magazine that she draws inspiration for her designs “from everywhere.” “Photographs, movies, music. A battle scene. They are all forms of art when you consider it,” she said.

“For example, my latest collection of the Women’s Belgian Loafer. The Belgian loafer was traditionally considered a status symbol for the Hamptons social class. I re-designed it in an eco-friendly canvas material with a floral fabric insert on the vamp as an ode to the Hamptons in spring,” she added.

Just like many Black businesses, Wveighlin recorded low sales following the spread of COVID-19. However, the pandemic also gave her the opportunity to re-envision what she wanted for the brand.

“I think many fashion brands during that time saw a plummet in sales. We were no different in that aspect. By sales being slow, it gave me the needed time to re-envision what I wanted for the brand.  The brand’s aesthetic and upcoming goals for next season,” she said.

The shoemaker said she is not done yet; she is hoping to expand her business to include apparel and jewelry. And one thing she is looking forward to is seeing Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Kanye West rocking Caesar’s.

“Rihanna. I love Rihanna’s fashion style. Jay Z and Beyonce are my favs. And Kanye West is a creative inspiration. That would be a moment for me If I saw them rocking “Caesar’s,” she said.

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