These African countries host the world’s most neglected crises in 2019


Research findings by the Norwegian Refugee Council indicate that Africa leads the world with the highest number of countries with the most neglected crises. Out of the top ten countries, Africa takes the first seven positions.

The new findings can be closely linked to The Global Report on Internal Displacement 2019 (GRID 2019) released by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre which also leads with 7 African countries in the top ten chart recording over 7.1 million people out of the total 9.3 million displaced people.

While several similar countries feature on both lists, the research by the Norwegian Refugee Council focuses on countries with internal crises that have been globally neglected due to complete disregard and low media coverage. Crises in these countries, if not attended to, have the tendency of brewing bigger conflicts as they slowly eat into neighbouring countries.

While some have had no attention, others experience a decline in attention due to prolonged crises and the seemingly obvious neglect of the people to resolve their own issues.

While the debate about Africa relying on international support to solve all of its problems continues, here are the African countries with the most neglected crises in the world.

Last Edited by:Victor Ativie Updated: July 2, 2020


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