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These cute photos of dads going all in to style their daughters’ hair will make you smile

Dads are always ready for duty. Photo: Tumblr

Natural hair needs a lot of tender loving care to manage and maintain even for women.

However, there are some dads who are not afraid to get their hands all greased up in fixing their little girls’ hair when need be.

Some dads have gone viral over this. A while back, one dad had to contend with his daughter’s mum who is white over getting their daughter’s hair in braids.

He ended up having to deal with racists comments such as “she did not want her daughter to have an ugly black hairstyle.”

A more positive viral story of the “hair dad” would put a smile on your face. Being a single dad, he sought help on how to manage his daughter’s hair from his colleagues and now he prides himself in the creativity and innovation with which he styles his daughter’s hair.

Here are some photos of dads working their magic on their daughters’ hair:

When your dad’s bantu knot game is strong. Photo: Pinterest


Sleek Back Pony never hurt anybody. Photo: Pinterest


Super dad mood for this one here. Photo: Pinterest


Hair duties anytime any day. Photo: Tumblr


Cuteness overload. Photo: Instagram/IG: Steven Novakk


The seriousness on his face though. Photo: Pinterest

If these do not make you smile after scrolling down, then I don’t know what else would. Cheers to all the amazing dads being strong male role models for their kids.


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