These extreme white supremacist groups were established with the aim of wiping out the Black race

Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson September 13, 2018

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White Aryan Resistance (W.A.R.)

The White Aryan Resistance (W.A.R.) is another white supremacist group that was established by a former high ranking member of the KKK. Founded in the USA in 1983, the main reason for the establishment was because the founder Tom Metzger and his founding member felt that the KKK was losing focus on its set aims and objectives. Throughout its existence, the W.A.R has been linked to dangerous white supremacists who aim at penetrating into governance to wipe out the black race first from U.S.A and then the world. The group identified itself as a pure racist foundation with newspapers and a radio station declaring its existence. The group was brought to book by the court in 1988 when three of its members beat up and killed an Ethiopian student. Despite paying close to 13 million dollars as compensation to the family of the deceased, the group still prevailed but the killings of blacks drastically reduced and left the group less effective.


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