These four natural glow in the dark beaches are a must-visit for that magical fairy tale experience

Ama Nunoo November 26, 2019
Photo: Pinterest

Nature’s beauty is unmatched although there are many natural wonders that have been discovered already, there are many more yet to be unearthed.

When certain species of natural living organisms, fauna and flora converge in some water bodies and their survival instincts kick in, they give off this beautiful glow that makes the water blue, red or green.

This is described by some people as the underground light show of the marine world scientifically referred to as Bio-luminescence.

When on full display the sight is just like a page out of a fairy tale or a fairy just sprinkled some glow dust all over the sea. It is just a magical sight to behold. There are a few of such beaches around the world and tourists would give anything to witness them.

Here are four Caribbean beaches you should visit to witness this amazing natural beauty that could be said to be a constellation of stars underwater.

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