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This 13-year-old doesn’t go to school but makes six figures as a ‘child influencer’

Omari McQueen. Photo: Instagram

Meet Omari McQueen, he is a vegan chef and an influencer who runs a YouTube channel called Omari Goes Wild. He shares vegan tips and recipes on his channel, which he started at age eight. The child influencer now has a following of more than 28,000 people on Instagram.

What’s more, Omari, from London, has his own vegan company Dipalicious, which sells plant-based meals, dips and juices. Omari thanks his supportive mother for how he has turned out in life at a very young age.

“Omari is a vegan chef and his mission is to bring people together through food without harming animals. And by him cooking vegan meals and showing people what he can do, he’s been given so many opportunities,” his mother, Leah McQueen said, according to Times Now.

She continued: “He was able to meet Gordon Ramsay and be part of that show; he was able to go to Sweden at the palace and speak about dyslexia, which he’s passionate about because he had severe difficulties in school because of his dyslexia.

“He’s not interested in getting pretty things and things like that, right now he’s saving to open up a vegan chicken and chip shop.”

A year before launching his company, Omari had learned how to cook from his mother and even started helping out in the kitchen. And before starting his YouTube channel, he found himself presenting his culinary creations to friends and family. His career as a vegan chef on his own YouTube channel started after learning about veganism from a video shared by PETA UK, an animal rights organization.

Omari does not attend school although he is homeschooled at an online private school, and enjoys what he does. His mother, Leah McQueen, revealed in an interview with Good Morning Britain that Omari earns six figures.

However, Leah McQueen added that her son does not run his YouTube channel for money. Omari, who is the youngest award-winning vegan chef in the UK, has been teaching other children how to cook plant-based food in workshops he runs from home. He has also earned acclaim and has won several awards, including the TruLittle Hero Award for being the Entrepreneur Hero under 12 in 2018 by Cause4Children Ltd. In November 2018, he also won the Compassionate Kid Award from PETA for his work helping animals.

Omari has “gone from strength to strength and practices different cooking skills and meals daily, he researches the benefits of everything he cooks and works out the benefits of what he eats,” his website says.

“I want to create food which everyone can enjoy,” said the young vegan chef. “That’s what great food is all about, to me – it’s a way to bring people closer together, and that’s what I hope to do with Dipalicious,” he was quoted by AfroCulture.

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