‘This is incredible’: Meet the couple behind the 3D animation agency bringing diversity to content creation

Abu Mubarik March 01, 2021
This couple launched a 3D animation to bring diversity to content creation. Photo credit: Unimation Media

There have been calls for diversity in the business community as well as investment in Black communities after the killing of George Floyd and other unarmed Black men. In furtherance to the diversity call, some Fortune 500 companies have made a number of high-profile Black appointments.

In the movie industry, although Blacks are often featured in leading roles or make their own productions which make groundbreaking sales and views, the animation industry is still catching up. To bring diversity to the sector, a Black couple has launched a 3D animation company called Unimation Media.

Brian and Darnitra Jackson have 20 years of combined experience in graphic design, marketing, photography, and 3D animation, according to Black News. The couple founded Unimation Media in June 2020 and now has clients in the US and 36 countries around the world. 

“Where you will likely always see our competitors doing the same old thing, we wanted to make a point to provide various multi-cultural media that will wow audiences and fill the void with no sacrifice in quality,” said Brian, Brian, who is the lead 3D animator at the firm.

He added: “Diverse assets like these didn’t exist until innovation drove progress into gear and our ideas became reality for various businesses and marketers, using these assets in their digital projects. Ultimately we knew it was going to be a tremendous benefit to our customers because it will save them time, money and help them closely represent, connect and engage with their audience.”

Unimation Media creates an urban content platform that provides multi-cultural 3D animation packets for marking at a desirable price; attracting video marketers, content creators and hobbyists. We “wanted to make a point to provide various multi-cultural media that will wow audiences and fill the void with no sacrifice in quality,” Brian said.

According to him, the urban content pack comes loaded with 14 diverse characters, over 40 minutes of choreographed dance animations, and more than 150 animations delivered in two video formats, MP4 green screen, and transparent WebM. 

“This is incredible so many characters at such a low cost,” said Daniel M, an online marketer. “It is one of the best deals I have found… It is a lot of work to create these characters and sell them at such a low cost…I recommend it 100% and the support they offer is too fast and incredibly efficient.

“I will use these characters for my social media videos to increase the exposure of my business and attract more customers, thank you very much for this pack!”

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