This young serial entrepreneur started her first business at age 9 and is set to launch a new brand

Rowe tells her story as a child who was given the freedom to be curious and explore, attributing the encouragement she received as a child to her great success. Photo credit: Barbados Today

Tanukeuno Ashok Rowe is a young serial entrepreneur who has set herself apart in the business world and has a passion for assisting and empowering other youth while learning and becoming the best version of herself.

Some of her businesses include Finao Conquer Realty – which offers real estate and concierge services, Tanup Entertainment Inc. – a job placement firm, Apply Yourself Now – a recruitment firm that offers courses and skills training, Affordable Advertising and Marketing, among others.

Rowe tells her story as a child who was given the freedom to be curious and explore, attributing the encouragement she received as a child to her great success.

“My mother is Vincentian; my father is Jamaican, so I grew up with a different mindset and vision. We were taught to ‘try a thing, try everything,’ if you fail you learn, but you tried and that’s priceless.” She said.

“Strong people taught me to be strong, smart – use my skills and gain others, take every opportunity to grow and evolve and adapt. They never said do one thing only, so I never thought to do one course or field or one job type business; I worked and studied and grew my businesses synonymously.” She said in an interview with Loop News.

Since childhood, Rowe said having children was not her goal, and has instead dedicated herself to establishing businesses. She expressed that she did not like toys as a child, but rather lived in books to satisfy her curiosity. She recalls requesting books for birthdays and Christmas and was always hungry to learn more.

The young entrepreneur marks her proudest accomplishment as her ability to assist others through her job placement enterprise and entrepreneurship courses. Rowe boasts of how over 1,500 people have found jobs internationally, regionally, and locally – with some having more than one job, while others own their businesses and hire employees in turn. She calls “seeing potential and setting others on a path to maximize it” her favorite part of entrepreneurship.

As a founder of eight businesses and counting from different career focuses, Rowe explains that each business she owns is stemmed from something she loves and is passionate about. She works remotely – “I’m hardly sitting down,” she shared, “I accidentally fall asleep about one hour a day or night, my brain is constantly going with ideas, concepts, and business information, and if I don’t at least begin them, it doesn’t stop.”

The business guru revealed that she was told she will not be able to work for people when she was younger and has found that to be true. She started operating her little “business” at age nine, and remembers a time when she had three jobs with no vacation for six years, switching jobs with no breaks in between.

The young serial entrepreneur noted that she gives back to society in the form of donations, her time, and her encouragement. Stating that she would not be able to contribute as much if she were working a 9 to 5 job.

She admonished other young people, “Live for you. Make your dreams come true no one else can. There is only one you and you have to manifest your role in the cycle of life, we each have a part to play to listen to your gut and your heart and you will always be happy. ” She also asked parents of young children and toddlers to instill the value of saving and investing in their children because schools do not teach such values.

Rowe revealed that she will soon be launching a show called ‘In Your Biz’ for persons from ages 16 to 39, as well as other projects. This counts as one of the many aspirations she has brought to reality, and she promises not to back down on her trail of diversifying her gifts to the world, aiming beyond Barbados and the Caribbean.

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