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BY Abu Mubarik, 5:00pm May 15, 2023,

This autistic entrepreneur launched a nail school 8 months after a successful business launch

Aaliyah's journey to success was inspired by inclusive entrepreneurship and her own experience with autism. Photo credit: PR Newswire

At the age of 5, Aaliyah Thompson was diagnosed with autism, a neurological disorder that can impact communication, comprehension, and social capacity. Although life was challenging for her, she did not allow her condition to derail her ambition of pursuing entrepreneurship, according to PR Newswire.

Her journey to success was inspired by inclusive entrepreneurship and her own experience with autism. The 21-year-old is the founder of a beauty bar in Jonesboro, Georgia. Eight months after the launch of her beauty bar, Aaliyah announced the launch of her groundbreaking nail school.

The school is a first-of-its-kind institution, designed to provide training and employment opportunities to individuals with autism, PR Newswire reported. Aaliyah hopes to provide specialized training and hopes to build a more inclusive and diverse beauty industry for individuals with unique talents and abilities.

“I am thrilled to be launching my nail school and to continue my journey as an entrepreneur,” said Aaliyah. “As someone with autism, I know firsthand the challenges of finding opportunities in the workforce.”

She continued, “But I also know that individuals with autism have unique talents and abilities that can be harnessed to achieve great things. I hope that my nail school will serve as a model for inclusive entrepreneurship and inspire others to pursue their dreams, no matter their background or challenges.”

Meanwhile, the nail school will offer a curriculum that covers nail design and care, including business management skills. Moreover, the school is also committed to ensuring that every person gets the support they need to succeed and also launch their own business.

“I am incredibly proud of Aaliyah and her dedication to inclusive entrepreneurship,” said Laporsha Grier a mentor, sister, and a supporter of Aaliyah. “She is an inspiration to all of us and a reminder of the power of determination and passion. I have no doubt that her nail school will be a huge success and will pave the way for more inclusive and diverse businesses in the future.”

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