Three incredible examples of gender fluidity among African peoples

Nii Ntreh March 12, 2021
Okuneye Idris Olarewanju who is also known as Bobrisky is perhaps Africa's most faous transwoman. Photo Credit: Weetracker

Gender fluidity and gender dysphoria are taboo topics for many modern Africans and Black Americans in spite of the distance between the mother continent and the so-called New World and the differences in cultures.

Behavioral scientists and biologists have lent their voice to the scientific bases of these facts of life yet, it is easy to spot opposition to the realities from people coming from the above-named communities. The opposition goes to the extent of pushing parents and community members to the point of abusing others who are gender fluid and gender dysphoric.

It has to be said that the opposition to those two states of life proceeds from a general Black American and African rejection of LGBT humanity. America’s Black people are less likely than whites to accept LGBT humanity while the hostility towards gay people in many parts of Africa borders on the deadly. The Christian religion has been blamed for this attitude toward queer people since both Africans and African-Americans report high levels of Christian religiosity.

That notwithstanding, science of human sexuality is still very much an area in development. So much about about our sexual natures remain a mystery to us. But we do seem to appreciate commonsense realism – the fact that queer people exist and their nature is not less human.

Evidence shows that some African peoples have known some of these mysteries of human sexuality before colonialism. Here are three of such peoples:

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