TikTok star Mizzy vows to turn over a new leaf as he returns to college after serving prison sentence

Stephen Nartey April 12, 2024
Photo: Mizzy/X

TikTok troublemaker Mizzy, known for his controversial stunts, has claimed that he’s turned over a new leaf by returning to college after a stint in prison.

The 19-year-old Londoner gained infamy for his shocking antics, including trespassing, theft of an elderly woman’s dog, and harassment of random passersby by asking them whether “they want to die”.

His actions landed him in jail last year for violating a court order against filming people without consent. The judge criticized his behavior, describing his social media pranks as unfunny, according to the Daily Mail.

Mizzy, also known as Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, said he wanted to “do better for my child and the people around me”, and shared a photo of himself on X on Wednesday enrolled in a construction skills course.

Despite this apparent turnaround, Mizzy hasn’t offered apologies to those affected by his past actions. He has hinted at a return to social media.

He wrote on X: “The day I came out of jail I told myself I am never going back and that imma do whatever it takes to change my life around so I can do better for my child and the people around me. [sic]

“So I went back to college, started looking for loads of jobs, and signed up for a CSCS course.”

He added: “Now I’m trying to progress further in different aspects of my life and change any negative perceptions of me and of course, I won’t be able to change everyone’s mind due to how I’ve portrayed myself in the past on social media, but I hopefully resonate with the people who understand.

“Yes, I will be returning to socials and posting videos eventually but only in a way that will prevent me from being at risk of harm and anyone else.

“So make sure you’re following up because the return of Mizzy could be sooner than you think*” [sic]

A follower, Heung-min-Jon, commended Mizzy for what seems to be a positive transformation in character.

He said: “I’ll never condone what you did but respect your efforts to be better, based on this I will offer you free training at my Health and Safety company to get you into your chosen career path, get in touch if interested.”

“Good on you brother,” another person added.

One wrote: “Are you going to apologize to the people that you terrorized?”

A second fumed: “You’ll never learn.”

Despite a court order last year from Thames Magistrates’ Court prohibiting Mizzy from posting any original video content on social media without prior consent, he intentionally disobeyed the order shortly after it was issued, officials said.

As a result, he was sentenced to 18 weeks in a young offenders’ institution. Mizzy, reportedly banned from popular platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube, shared a photo of his release from HMP Thameside.

During the trial, it was said that he immediately began posting videos of people without their consent on the same day a criminal behavior order was issued against him.

Videos on his Snapchat account, including one where he grabbed a schoolboy and another depicting a fight with a man with dwarfism, violated the order.

Mizzy defended these videos as hoaxes made with consent, and Judge Matthew Bone dismissed his claim that a friend posted the videos without his consent as “inconceivable.”

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