TikToker goes from losing her company to making $7,000 a day repeating phrases like ‘yes yes yes’

Stephen Nartey August 23, 2023

PinkyDoll, whose real name is Fedha Sinon, is among a rising group of creators on TikTok who are pretending to be non-playable characters (NPCs). She earns approximately $7,000 adopting a robotic persona. In the context of gaming, the term “NPC” is used to describe background characters in video games that act independently of players and are programmed to provide predetermined dialogue.

PinkyDoll has become an instant celebrity mimicking video game characters, eating virtual ice cream and using unusual phrases like “gang gang” and “yes yes yes”. Typically, the human NPC influencers on TikTok act based on the preference of viewers who pay real money to send the NPC influencers gifts on the app in the form of roses and dinosaurs.

The trend of TikTokers pretending to be NPCs became widely popular after PinkyDoll gained viral attention on Twitter. PinkyDoll streams for six hours daily, seven days a week, responding to digital gifts from fans. She turned to social media after her cleaning business closed and she needed income to support her child and cover her expenses.

The Montreal native faced unemployment and decided to focus on TikTok as a source of income. This decision has proven to be highly profitable, as the gifts she receives on TikTok can be converted into cash. She told BET.com that she started NPC streaming by mistake. The TikToker explained that she was starting a live stream when her audio started bugging out. Some of her viewers suddenly commented that she looked like an NPC, and so she decided to go with that.

With nearly 820,000 followers, including notable figures like Timbaland and Elon Musk, PinkyDoll disclosed that she makes $2,000 to $3,000 per stream. In total, the 27-year-old is earning $7,000 daily from her activities on OnlyFans, Instagram, and TikTok combined.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: August 23, 2023


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