Traditional African beers that have been consumed way before Western brands

Novieku Babatunde Adeola August 03, 2019
Banana beer — Photo via @wedding_invitationcards on Instagram

Banana beer

This is an East African staple. In Uganda and Rwanda, the thick, yellowish-brown liquid, with a strong alcohol flavour, has been a traditional drink for millions of people during occasions like weddings, cultural rituals, Christmas, among others.

The basic process of making banana beer begins by leaving unpeeled bananas in a pit for some days to ripen.

One then takes the meat from the skin, after which it is kneaded, juiced, filtered, and diluted. Yeast is added in the form of sorghum, millet, or maize grains.

After this process of fermentation is done, the banana beer is ready.


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