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BY Abu Mubarik, 4:00pm October 11, 2021,

Trevor Noah lists lavish Bel Air mansion for $30 million just months after purchasing it

Trevor Noah's mansion. Realtor.com

Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show, has listed his recently acquired mansion for sale in a business move that will see him make $2 million.

The comedian reportedly purchased the property 10 months ago for $27.5 million, according to Dirt.com. He reportedly listed the property for sale for $29.75 million.

Per the calculations, the South African comedian and Emmy-winning host of The Daily Show will make a $2.25 million profit for the 1,375 square foot home he bought in January.

Some of the trappings of the property include 9.5 bathrooms, a spacious gym, library, wine room with a hidden door, a glass-encased elevator, and a rooftop terrace that can be turned into a screening room.

The home, which is located in Bel-Air, has a fireside pit, club room, and outdoor kitchen. It also has three white and windowless cubes out front, a wooden tub, a sauna, and massage and changing rooms.

According to the New York Post, the Japanese-inspired house was built in 2014 by architect Mark Rios for himself. “I was more experimental and did more in the detailing with this home than I’ve done for past clients,” Rios told Architectural Design.

The Post also reports that the South African comedian acquired the property when he was planning a future with then-girlfriend Minka Kelly. According to Page Six, the relationship collapsed five months later, only to rekindle this summer.

Noah was born to a Black mother and White father. He was brought up by a fiercely loving and tenacious mother.

He childishly made fun of his mother’s Christianity, to which she was devoted, only to later learn and rely on her ethical compass that saw him through a mischievous rebellion and slightly criminal youth.

Noah earned his smarts the hard way on the streets of Johannesburg’s slum townships. Survival was a matter of learning to navigate the racial and political turmoil.

Coming of age at the moment when apartheid was finally crushed, he was branded an outsider not white and not completely accepted as Black.

Noah slipped comically between racial barriers by fragile deception and duplication, making sure that he came out ahead of the game always. Well mostly.

Little short of a miracle being tossed out of a moving vehicle and surviving, Noah would later be introduced to a brutally abusive stepfather.

He also juggled an education in a vigorously disciplined Catholic School with the chaos of the streets and his own unruly spirit that rejected every social norm.

Click here for more photos of his Bel Air mansion.

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