Ugandan street food Rolex sets Guinness world record

Francis Akhalbey January 27, 2022
The largest Ugandan Rolex weighed 204.6 kg (451 lb) -- Screenshot via Guinness World Records

The first thing that may come to mind when you hear “Rolex” is possibly the world-renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker. But in Uganda, the word has a very different meaning as it refers to a very popular and affordable street food that recently set a Guinness world record.

In a video that was recently shared on Twitter, a group of men and women was seen preparing what Guinness World Records described as the largest Ugandan Rolex. The humongous meal was reportedly prepared in the Ugandan district of Wakiso in November last year. And it was created by Raymond Kahuma.

Rolex is a simple combination of egg omelet and vegetables wrapped in a chapatti. This meal can be found on any street in the East African country, and there is even a festival named after it. The Kampala Rolex festival is held annually to celebrate the fast-growing tradition of this food among others in Uganda.

The fast-food is said to be very affordable and costs as low as $0.28, per The East African. It is also usually sold in Uganda’s urban areas, and local officials recently marketed it as one of its tourist attractions.

Guinness World Records said Raymond’s Rolex measured 2.32 meters long and 0.66 meters at its thickest diameter. It also weighed 204.6 kg (451 lb). “Raymond and his team had been working for months on the preparation of the record to make sure everything went smoothly on the day,” Guinness World Records added.

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