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Video of Marine father giving his son his first salute as a second lieutenant goes viral

Marine father's first salute to second lieutenant son. Image via TikTok

In a heart-warming video, a military father is seen giving his son his first salute amid an emotional speech and the internet is full of admiration of the pair. Master Sergeant Michael Fisher posted the now-viral video on TikTok. It clocked more than 3 million views in an hour.

It is an honor enough to be promoted in the military but to have your father be a part of the ceremony makes it even more significant.

2nd Lt. Michael Triston Fisher had the honor of having his father, who holds a non-commissioned position, render him his first salute as he became a commissioned second lieutenant in the Marines.

Per the Marines website, “Commissioned officers are college graduates who have earned and accepted an appointment issued in the name of the president of the United States. Their commission gives them the responsibility of leading Marines as they defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Master Fisher, Marine Corps Junior ROTC program instructor, shared the video with the caption, “Rendering my son his 1st Salute!”

In the video, he is heard saying “I’ve watched you grow and mature and become the man that you are today.”

“You have always been respectful by saying ‘Yes, sir.’ ‘No, sir.’ ‘Yes, ma’am.’ And ‘No, ma’am.’ A salute is a sign of respect. It is a privilege to render you your first salute.”

He raised his hand in salute. At this point, an emotional cracking could be heard in his voice as though he was holding back tears, then he added, “But it is a greater honor to say ‘Congratulations, sir, on your commissioning.'”

AP reporter James LaPorta shared the video on his Twitter, with the caption shedding light on how Triston’s portion is a nod for racial diversity in the U.S. military.

The Department of Defense said in a report last year that “the active component officer population is less diverse than the eligible civilian population. Blacks/ African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians are all underrepresented compared with the eligible population.

“Notably, the officer corps is significantly less racially and ethnically diverse than the enlisted population, for both the active and Reserve Components.”

LaPorta’s post caught the attention of a wider audience including Ari Fleischer, the former White House press secretary, who responded to the tweet saying, “This is a beautiful and inspiring moment between a father and his son. Gotta love it.”

Another Twitter user said, “The best thing I have seen in a very long time, something special when a parent acknowledges the successes of their children, absolutely a two-way street in making your parents proud. Consider me a softy…because this moved me emotionally.”

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