We just found three absolutely perfect ways to keep Covid-19 from ruining your wedding

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Love rules the world, and nothing should stop two people who are in love from tying the knot, not even COVID-19. The wedding and the event planning industry have taken a real nosedive, especially since public gatherings were banned for such a long time.

Restrictions have eased up and some couples have had their post quarantine ceremonies. Others are still unsure what to do in times like these. The wedding industry will not diminish anytime soon because love always wins.

Here are three things you can do to still salvage your big day.

5 Tips On Wedding Planning During COVID-19 Pandemic
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Postpone, do not cancel

You might have fixed your date (some hold a lot of sentiments for the couple) and booked venues and vendors, but the pandemic will not let you be great. Do not panic, postponing the wedding may not be so bad.

Readjusting your plans around the new way of life might be the best option because nothing should stop you from enjoying your forever with the love of your life.

Contact your vendors now

Fall on your vendors to help you come up with an equally splendid, romantic, and intimate wedding that unites two hearts as one. Discuss with your venue and vendors the possible impact of COVID-19 on your plans.

Let them help you juggle things around and find out the new cost involved or take refunds where necessary to facilitate your new plans. It is possible. Call them or drop that email and get things rolling.

It is not the end of the world; things can be sorted out

You may be feeling overwhelmed at this point. Wedding planning without a pandemic hovering around your neck is tedious joyride worth taking. Now the dynamics of the pandemic have worsened the situation especially for brides who do not do well under pressure. Take a breather and remember there is a solution to every problem.

This is just a phase. Your mental health needs to be intact for you to enjoy your marriage, so self-care in times like these should not be overlooked.

Rescheduling, scaling back on things, and re-planning will get the job done. This is just a phase which will pass. Continue to be safe and practice all the safety protocols and all will be just fine.

Last Edited by:Ama Nunoo Updated: February 4, 2021


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