What You May Not Know About Your Medication

Azuka onye March 20, 2012

Most people do not know much about the drugs they are taking. How were they developed? Who discovered them? How did they get FDA approval? Are they used to treat other conditions? These are questions that we seldom try to answer or even think about. Why bother when we can leave it to the pharmaceutical companies, right?

Well, it is important that people research the medications they take because of the various interactions they can have in the body. It is also very interesting to see the progress and evolution a drug has made since being available on the market. Below are three famous drugs whose original purposes are vastly different from their current intended use…

Sildenifil: Sildenifil is known by most as Viagra. This little blue pill has greatly enhanced the What You May Not Know About Your Medicationquality of life of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. What many people do not know is that sildenafil can also be used to treat pulmonary hypertension, heart disease and altitude sickness.  It is important to note that because of its mode of action, men who are taking nitrates should not use sildenafil.

Minoxidil: Ever heard of Rogaine? When minoxidil was first discovered it was used to treat hypertension. After some time, patients taking the drug noticed that they were growing excessive hair in previously hairless places. Physicians found that the drug not only treated the patient’s heart condition, but it also grew their hair. The company that sold the drug decided to sale a topical form of the drug that we know today as Rogaine.

Bimatoprost: This drug was originally marketed as a treatment for glaucoma, a condition caused by increased pressure in the eye. Similar to minoxadil, patients taking Bimatoprost started noticing an increase in the length of their eyelashes and a decrease in the fat around their eyes. The pharmaceutical companies took note of this and developed the drug, Latisse, which is the cosmetic formulation of Bimatoprost. Latisse was given FDA approval in 2008 and is now sold as an eyelash enhancer.

Before starting any medication it is important that you speak with your physician. There are numerous drugs that serve multiple purposes, which can be a good thing but can also be life threatening. To find out more about the medication you are taking click here.

Source: www.drugs-health.com

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