Arizona school cites public scrutiny as enough punishment for ‘racist’ white students

Farida Dawkins February 14, 2018
San Tan High School in Chandler, credit: 12 News

In another case of let’s be racist today, a group of eight students at the San Tan Junior High School in Chandler, Arizona escape chastisement from school administration for posting a racist video. In the said video, the students utter the words f—k all n—-s. To add insult to injury, the video was posted online on Martin Luther King Jr’s holiday.

The students received no punishment for their discriminatory tirade because it was taped off of school property.  In fact, they’ve yet to suffer any consequences. Instead, parents were encouraged to use this opportunity to “converse about racial problems,” as told by WSFA 12 News.

When school officials were asked why the students were let off scot-free, they replied: “they’ve already suffered public scrutiny.”

Nevertheless, the backlash hasn’t been enough of a motivator for a decrease in racial tension.

A student at San Tan Junior High School reported to the Black Mother’s Forum – a community-based organization that racial bullying has gotten worse.  The student alluded to the lack of punishment as a move that’s enabled the bullies. She iterated: “Now these students who posted the disturbing video believe they are untouchable and others who think like them feel empowered to spread their hate as well.”

Parents are calling for administrators to put their foot down and enforce some consequences to the eight students. Amber Hutchinson, a parent of a student at the school said: “These kids who were inflicting hurt and hate — where are they? In school, in class unpunished,” “Encouraging other students to become more vocal with their hate speech.”

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: February 14, 2018


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