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Whoopi Goldberg shocked former NFL player Tony Gonzalez is her cousin

Whoopi Goldberg & Tony Gonzalez/ESPN & Wikipedia Commons

Whoopi Goldberg has expressed shock at the discovery former NFL player, Tony Gonzalez, is a long-lost cousin. The revelation came from historian and Finding Your Roots host Henry Louis Gates Jr., who appeared on The View.

The news left Goldberg, 68, speechless, and this revelation came after Goldberg had previously appeared in an earlier season of Gates Jr.’s series.

“On the first series, I did [a number of Black celebrities including] Whoopi and we didn’t have the sophisticated tests that we now use for DNA at that time,” Gates Jr., 73, explained. “You all know about DNA cousins? You have a DNA cousin, dear … Tony Gonzalez is your DNA cousin.”

Gonzalez, 47, is a former NFL player and regarded as one of the greatest tight ends of all time. After hearing that the NFL Hall of Famer was her distant relative, Goldberg couldn’t believe the news. “That’s my cousin?!” she asked.

Her cohosts expressed their thoughts on the matter, with Sunny Hostin remarking that the newfound cousin is “smokin’,” and Joy Behar playfully suggested they “could be kissing cousins.”

At the conclusion of the episode, Goldberg invited Gonzalez, her newly discovered famous cousin, to visit and appear on an episode of The View.

Gates Jr., the host of Finding Your Roots, has previously surprised celebrities with their family history, such as revealing to Edward Norton in January 2023 that Pocahontas is his 12th great-grandmother.

“I understand that was family lore [you heard growing up],” Gates Jr. explained to the actor during a season 9 episode of Finding Your Roots. “Well, it is absolutely true.”

Gates Jr. further revealed that Norton’s family lineage is traced back to John Rolfe, an English settler who married Pocahontas. Norton expressed awe at the historical connection, stating that it makes him realize how small a part of the entire human story he represents.

“This is about as far back as you can go unless you’re a Viking,” Norton exclaimed. “Makes you realize what a small piece of the whole human story you are.”

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