Why you need to quarantine during this COVID -19 Pandemic – Dr. Owusu

Maxine Owusu March 31, 2020

As many know, cases of coronaviruses are swiftly spreading across the United States in the last few weeks. We are seeing initiatives and messages on social media to stay home and quarantine. Many people are complaining, upset and some willfully refuse to abide to those suggestions.

As a frontline healthcare worker working in the emergency department, the increasing number of cases is worrisome and needs to be taken seriously. Coronavirus also known of COVID -19 is a virus thought to spread via droplet/contact and possibly airborne. Common symptoms include cough, fever, body aches, shortness of breath and now gastrointestinal symptoms as suggested by recent studies from China.

It is known that many people are asymptomatic carriers and thus can indirectly infect others who are more susceptible to the disease (i.e. elderly, cancer patients/ immunological disorders, those with medical conditions etc.).

With quarantine practices and social distancing, we reduce the spread of this disease and also alleviate the burden to our health system. I would like to stress that quarantining does not mean to have gatherings/parties at home/local neighborhoods.  COVID -19 does not discriminate and the last thing that we want to happen as health professionals is for our system to be overwhelmed and see an exponential rise in the deaths due to this disease. Due to limited personnel or resources to take care of critically ill patients.

I urge everyone to do their part and adhere to recommendations by CDC/WHO to wash hands with soap at least for 20 seconds, sanitize surfaces, stay home and use social distancing practices.

Please check CDC/WHO for facts and updates on COVID-19 and Stay safe folks!

Dr.Owusu (IG: https://www.instagram.com/drmaxo/)

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