Poem: Wonder

Adesewa Oyinkansola June 19, 2014

African Sunset

I looked up the sky
I wonder why it is blue
Then I looked down to to the sea
I wonder why it is blue

I went to the field
I wonder why the grasses are green
I went on marching on the soil
I wonder why the soil is black

The wind blows to and fro
I wonder why it is never seen
Then comes the rain
I wonder where so much of the water comes from

What lovely ray of light smiles down at us
I wonder why the sun is yellow
Then a lovely sight at night
I wonder why the moon is sometimes half

I wonder who taught the trees
To take a bow at the blow of the wind
I wonder who taught the birds
To sing so beautifully

I behold the lovely colours of the rainbow
I wonder who paints the rainbow in the sky
I behold once again the sky
I wonder at the beautiful cloud

Then I sneezed on my paper as I write
Then I wonder what brought the sneeze

I lay down at night on my bed
I wonder how I fall asleep
I awake at the crow of dawn
I wonder what kept awakens me

I wonder at all I see
I wonder at all I behold
I wonder at all I hear
I wonder at all I read
I wonder at the wonders of the world
Then I conclude,
There is a wonder behind the wonders


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