You are doing it right if this is how you started off your online business

Mildred Europa Taylor August 20, 2018
Seni Sulyman, Andela’s Vice President of Global Operations interacting with Nigeria's vice president --- Twitter

Starting a business can be tough, especially as a first-timer.

You can be easily overwhelmed by the pressure in taking certain decisions to the point of making some rather dumb mistakes that could negatively affect your potential for success.

One of the ways to avoid these mistakes is to heed to the advice of people who have already established themselves in businesses, and the Nigerian genius leading Andela’s operations at the heart of Africa’s tech revolution is an example.

Seni Sulyman, VP Global Operations, Andela

Seni Sulyman, who is Andela’s Vice President of Global Operations has, through a series of tweets, been sharing some tips for people who are thinking of starting a business online.

1. Build a “regular” company before a “tech” company

2. Find out how to source for the best items

3. Create an e-catalogue for people to order from

4. Get a good technical person or team

5. Don’t just start building a product. Identify a problem people are ever-ready to pay to solve and learn how to sell it

6. After identifying your market, find people who are abreast with issues in that market


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