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‘You don’t fail, you just learn’: Teen mom transforms into millionaire entrepreneur after being a janitor

Brown, a former janitor, has transformed her life to become a millionaire businesswoman, branding specialist, and the creator and CEO of Girl CEO. Photo Credit: Instagram, Ronne Brown

Ronne Brown’s journey to prominence and power was marked by many challenges. When Brown became pregnant at the age of sixteen, her life’s course was altered. After her formal education ended in high school, she realized she was expecting another child and quickly found a job as a janitor, albeit one that was quite challenging.

After being fired from her job, she promised herself never to be in that position again. Brown went on to transform her life to become a millionaire businesswoman, branding specialist, and the creator and CEO of Girl CEO.

The mompreneur began manufacturing hair care products, candles, makeup, and other items, which she then sold on Facebook after losing her janitor job. She leveraged her expertise working for others to launch her own successful social media business.

She eventually established herself as Ronne B., an internationally renowned branding expert, businesswoman, professional speaker, author, and mentor. Brown started making seven figures a year, doing so without any official business schooling or expertise.

She relied on the skills she had honed throughout several unsuccessful jobs, having been fired numerous times for not being a model employee. “I want to stress that there’s nothing wrong with failing,” she told Forbes. “Failure is the best source of wisdom that you can ever experience in life.”

Hailing from Washington, D.C., Brown has been able to use her past experiences to educate others through her online educational platform, Girl CEO, which helps women become new CEOs and achieve comparable success. She recognizes that aspiring female entrepreneurs are underserved in terms of resources and knowledge.

The branding expert and mentor is also an author, having written a best-seller titled From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram: 5 Steps to Building an Online Brand.

Regardless of what everyone else may think, she has been able to shatter stereotypes and encourage people to never lose sight of their objectives.

In her interview with Forbes, she said, “I think every transformation starts with a decision. Once you make a decision and you’re committed to transformation, nothing can stop you. I made the decision that I was not going to be another statistic and that I was going to prove to everyone that just because you have children, you’re not a failure. Just because you’re a teen mom doesn’t mean you cannot become successful.”

“Failure doesn’t exist. You don’t fail, you just learn. I don’t even say the word ‘fail’ anymore,” she said.

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