Women October 06, 2016 at 02:46 am

10 African Celebrity Mothers and Their Lovely Children

Lawretta Egba | Contributor, F2FA

Lawretta Egba October 06, 2016 at 02:46 am

October 06, 2016 at 02:46 am | Women

Jocelyn Dumas with daughter

Jocelyn with her daughter Senia.

Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas is a Ghanaian actress and host. She has starred in a vast number of movies and is the face of many brands. For years, she concealed the identity of her child from the general public. She has raised her daughter, Senia, to be full of character and style.

Joselyn, who has full custody of her daughter, has successfully played the role of a mother and father to her little angel. She also came from a home where her father did not have a role in her life and was raised by her mother.


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